Tips before moving into a new home

Dated: 03/28/2019

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Moving into a new home is definitely an exciting time.  Here are a few things that you need to do to make this transition an easy one.  


  1. Change Locks: You’ll get the keys to you new home from the sellers, but it is always a good idea to just change the locks so that you know you are the only ones who have a set of keys to your home.

  2. Change your address:  Seems simple, right?  Go to and do it online for $1 and save yourself time and aggravation at the Post Office.

  3. Change the toilet seats:  An easy way to make sure your new bathroom is really yours.

  4. Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors: Your family’s safety is paramount!

  5. Locate breaker box and shut off valves:  Because inevitably, when you need them, it’ll be dark.

  6. Clean the cabinets and closets: Feel better about putting your stuff in a perfectly clean space.

  7. Maintenance makes a difference: Vacuum coils on the fridge.  Change air filters. Flush water heater. Clean out dryer duct for lint.

  8. Clean Air conditioner condensers and evaporators

  9. Hide a key: Some folks have keyless entries, but if you don’t go on a hide a key for later.  You know you’ll need it.


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