Design Trends to Avoid!

Dated: 05/31/2019

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Trends come and go.  Some we wish would go a little quicker.  Here is a list of some things we see in homes that need to be retired.

1. Word Wall Art

Quotes on the walls?  It just makes your house look like a Pinterest Board.  Keep the quotes in the journal and not on your walls.

2.  Barn Doors

Sorry about that one.  I know everyone loves them.  But you have to consider the type of house you have before installing.  If you have a modern home, you know..don't.

3.  Modern Farmhouse

Don't shoot the messenger, but when you start seeing these decorative items in every single store you enter, you know that this is a death knell for the trend.

4. Bold Graphic Wallpaper

You know the one.  Huge palm leaves on that one wall.  Enough already.

5. Gray Walls

Neutral colors are always in vogue, but gray enjoyed a fast and furious run over the last few years.  Its time is up as it has become overplayed.  

6. Gallery Walls

It's the rare person who can even hang 20 photos on a wall and make them look somewhat put together and not have them crooked.  Lucky you, this trend is going away, so you don't have to try!

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